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Are your field workers actually working as per schedule?


A field service management application for the workers to coordinate with the back-office time using service desk has proven to be the solution. You can see all your workers’ location, automation can schedule & dispatch jobs, track their hours & monitor the incoming customer requests with ease.  It’s definitely helpful to know about field service staff’s real-time location, their performance as per their skills & utilisation of duty hours. Tracking your field workforce whilst they are in the field, assists in allocating them work-orders, manage the task distribution & handle more requests from the customers in a day.

Manage Multiple Client locations


Its’ time to get the information when it’s needed the most and never miss invoicing jobs again.

Issue Work Orders


Get your work personalized the way you want with better management of multi-staged tasks.

Manage Accounts Receivables


Let your time to capitalize on working hours & manage response times (SLA) with simple scheduling.

Field Service Capabilities


With years of experience, Fieldbud is an industry leader and pioneer in the field of service management industry.

Fieldbud is more than just a CRM company, it is committed to helping service companies solve complex business problems and discover unveiled profits.

Our Field Service Management integrated with SugarCRM provides businesses with complete visibility from problems to solutions. Now you can easily pass up the business interruptions with planned maintenance and improve asset utilization. With mobile flexibility, your business can easily analyze results to further boost effectiveness and improve customer service.

Optimize Field Services With SugarCRM

By integrating the following functions your business can easily streamline processes:

Customer Portal

Vendor Portal

Field Tracking

Work Order Management

Barcode Scanning

Contact Management

Scheduling Management

Bill Management

Job History Search

Workforce Assignments

Mobile App Connection

Electronic Signature Capture

Detailed Reporting

User Level Permissions

Worker Management



Boost Business Productivity, cut costs and lower deployment risk, and enhance capability for novelty.

Mobile Apps Connectivity

Our SugarCRM with integrated field service management enables you to assign jobs to your workforce with the help of mobile apps connectivity which ensures streamlined communication in the field.

Quick Scheduling & Dispatching

Now you can manage jobs quickly with our real-time integrated scheduling tool which provides tracking visibility on workers’ schedules and delivers resourceful and on-time quality service.

Smooth Bill Management

Manage billing effectively with our SugarCRM integrated online payment processing system which provides competitive credit card processing rates and ensure bills are paid on time.

Bend Space & Time


Well not really but you’ll certainly reduce the distance between your remote workforce and time to reach out to them.

No Field Service solution is complete without mobile devices connectivity. Our Application integrates seamlessly with SugarCRM, leaving no loose ends in the process from Lead to Invoicing.

Your field teams can get FieldBug application for free and use it to

– Reply to RFQs and Manage their billing
– View upcoming and past schedule and Work Orders
– Reach their destination using GPS/Maps
– Mark Attendance, Update Job status, Record expenses incurred
– Manage inventory manually or by scanning Bar codes
– Maintain their person Profile, Skills

There are several exciting features & benefits that we have decided not to list here and show only to interested buyers on request.



Our SugarCRM with integrated Field Service Management serves a wide range of industries including:

Construction Companies

IT CompaniesEnergy

Efficiency Companies

Retail Industry

Home Repair Companies

Food Industry

Call Centers

Mechanical & Plant Engineering

HVAC Companies


Building Management Companies

Management Consulting


Financial Services

Trade Industry


Engineering Sector


Are You Ready to See Our Field Service Management integrated with SugarCRM in Action?


Solution Uniquely Designed for Field Services

Field Services


Fieldbud is among the pioneers in the industry who integrated field services management in a complete business tool to help businesses focus more on growth and less on operations.

Manage Your Bottom Line


Our Field Service application is flexible and uniquely designed for field work. The app provides a complete visibility for utmost efficiency by enabling you to effectively manage your bottom-line.

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